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A selection of audio/filed snippets from me, Lenny Beige, The Mayor etc...


'With My Own Ears' (improvised radio pilot with me, Phil Cornwall,Roland Rivron & Guy Pratt)

' 30 Years A Beige' A song for Lenny Beige by myself and Jason Applin.

'Bring the Ruckus' A song for The Mayor of Kentish Town by myself and Jason Applin.

'I Wanna Do Chanukah Wit'Jew' a single by Lenny Beige & Jason Applin

An acting reel from 2010.

'Goodbye to the Normals' dir Jim Field Smith. A wonderful short film

As Ronald McDonald on The Late Edition

A pilot called 'Swinging Lead' about a pair of losers attempting to become pirates.

Old acting reel from 2005

Comedy characters

Improvised reel of 4 character for a Foxy Bingo casting

New acting showreel 2016


Steve Furst  'In Character' reel from

The Underbelly  Festival June 15th 2018

A reel of Steve Furst as Popsy Wilson Jr

in the Fox feature film 'Walk Like A Panther'

written and directed by Dan Cadan

New Reel 2019