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soho radio

Steve has been involved in Soho Radio since its birth in 2015.

He co-hosted a weekly show as Lenny Beige with Tim Arnold, the Soho Hobo before hosting for a time as The Mayor of Kentish Town. There was a haitus with him returning as the Mayor, then Lenny and now he co-presents as half of The Beige-Green Room with DJ and collector Mr Martin Green. Their show is a themed monthly oddessy into some of the more kitsch areas of the musical spectrum.


Below are links to various shows on the station with a variety of guests and musical offerings.

Beige & Soho Hobo - Green Room 1 Beige & Soho Hobo - Green Room 2 Beige & Soho Hobo - Green Room 3 Beige & Soho Hobo - Green Room 5 Beige & Soho Hobo - Green Room 6 Beige & Soho Hobo - Green Room 7 Beige & Soho Hobo - Green Room 8 Lenny Beige 28/04/16 Lenny Beige 26/05/16 Mayor of Kentish Town 12/01/15 Lenny Beige 21/07/16
Mayor of Kentish Town 05/01/15
Mayor of Kentish Town 26/01/15 Mayor of Kentish Town 19/01/15 Mayor of Kentish Town 05/02/15 Mayor of Kentish Town 12/02/15 Mayor of Kentish Town 23/02/15 Mayor of Kentish Town 09/03/15 Mayor of Kentish Town 23/02/15 Mayor of Kentish Town 16/03/15 Mayor of Kentish Town 25/02/16 Mayor of kentish Town 24/03/16

the beige-green room (with martin green)

October 16 - Personalities Go Pop)
Xmas Special 16 - w/Jonny Trunk January 17 Best buys of '16 w/Paul Putner) Feb 17 London Soundtrack Pt1 w/Eve Ferret) March 17 London Soundtracks Pt 2 w/David Arnold June 17 60s Sunshine Pop w/David McAlmont July 17 Soft Psyche & Pop Harmony w/Corrinne Drury August 17 Hooray For Bollywood w/Bishi October 17 Erotica Rocks w/Jonny Woo November 17 Horror w/Andy Nyman December 17 When God Was Groovy w/Will Hodgkinson January 18 Going Back To Your Youth ww/Kevin Bishop Jan 4th 18 Dearly Departed w/David Benson Feb 18 Sporting Themes w/Jill Halfpenny & Dan Cadan July 17th Advertising show w/Lewis Macleod 22nd May Cops & Robbers Special w/Michael Brandon 11th September Big Themes From The Small Screen w/Matt Berry 4th December Novelty Records w/Mike Batt 26th Feb '19 Library Music w/Paul Putner 26th March '19 Foreign Language Covers w/Marcel Lucont