A Seasonal 'One Man & His Talent'

Thurs 8th Dec at Crazy Coqs

After a complete sell out show in September, Lenny is back on the Crazy Coqs stage to present an hour of improvised chat, songs, and a sprinkling of seasonal cheer. This is a show like no other and blends polished professionalism with improvised banter. This show always sells out so, and now with reduced capacity tables will go very very  quickly. 

Its £25 for this unique live experience. Come and be part of it.

Show 7pm on Dec 8th

Tickets can be booked by clicking the button below :

Tables of 2, & 4  - but please, from the same household. 

The Fabulous Doctor Singer - a radio drama

Just before everything went nuts, I went to Dublin to record a lovely radio play about the Shanahan Stam auction Scandal - its a classic conman story  - based on a true tale of a flamboyant huckster called Dr Paul Singer who came to Ireland to swindle money. It is written and directed by Niall Murphy and is the kind of story crying out to be made into a movie. I play Dr Singer and based the voice on my own late father.


The play is up on the Newstalk website


Its on spotify also -


by Philip Ridley

Just prior to lockdown I was rehearsing for a World premiere of a new epic work by cult writer Philip Ridley called The Beast of Blue Yonder, a fantastic tale that jumps time zones and locations featuring a frankly dazzling array of young actors.  (I was MUCH older than all of them!)

The show was to run at the Southwark Playhouse but Covid19 saw an end to that. Instead of doing nothing and waiting to see what happens the producers, director and Ridley himself set about generating separate stand-alone monologues that are inspired by these strange times and to put one out every Saturday night. This week was my turn and it is a delicious monologue featuring an older and somewhat jaded actor attempting to give a performance to the camera. As with so much of Ridley's work, it is funny, touching and at times very very sad. To watch it on the WeAreTramp YouTube Channel click the link :

Eric the Skull - Radio 4 Play

It seems like an age away but, back in January, I was part of a great cast for a Radio 4 play called Eric The Skull written by eminent author Simon Brett. It tells the story of the beginnings of the Detection Club, a dinner club made up of famous detective writers including Agatha Christie which is still thriving today.

The cast features myself, playing two parts, Fenella Woolgar, Janie Dee and Mark Williams. Its a lovely thing and can be listened to for the next year by clicking the link :

Lenny Beige YouTube Channel

Since the Lockdown began, at the end of March, Lenny Beige has been very busy presenting twice weekly shows which started life as a mixture of songs, gags and shout-outs to the viewers. By week 5 it was decided to make the Tuesday shows an interview-based format with a few songs, with the Friday night shows continuing as they had before. They started life being filmed on the phone streaming to Facebook Live and Instagram (when technology would allow) but we upgraded to a Mevo camera which is a dedicated streaming camera that acts like a TV gallery where you can cut from a wide to a close up shot and pan across the frame too. The Beige Family very kindly contributed their own money to buy this piece of kit to increase their viewing pleasure

The end result is a new YouTube Channel with content from the past 5 weeks' shows with more vintage footage being added too. We shall be changing the shows we do in the future, but, rest assured, we shall be updating and enlarging the Beige body of work. 


Happy 2020! To celebrate the start of the year I thought I would upload a song and video called 'Ballad of the Bald Mod' which I wrote in the autum of 2019. It is an homage to all the folically challenged mods, one of the most tragic figures of British pop culture.

The video was shot and edited by the great Tony Briggs - himself a fully-haired mod -  and features Paul Strutter - like me a shiny bald modernist.


Enjoy and please share it by linking to this page. Many thanks and have a great new year and decade.