'Pure Imagination'
A Celebration of the Songs of Anthony Newley

A celebration of the legendary British singer/songwriter who entertained the world with his incredible music.

This star-studded event is hosted by Lenny Beige with performances from some very special guests.

Anthony Newley is internationally renowned for many songs including Feelin' Good, Goldfinger,The Candy Man and Who Can I Turn To? 

To commemorate his 90th year we honour Newley, an artist in the pantheon of London born luminaries such as Chaplin, Coward and Bowie

This very very special event will be taking place at the gorgeous Temple of Art and Music, located at the Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant & Castle. 



Tickets are only £20 or £15.

NOTE : There are only 90 seats

so it is expected this event will


To grab your ticket please click the link

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The Regency Rooms Xmas Extravaganza is BACK on December 15th

We couldn't manage one last year so the need for Lenny and the gang to entertain you this Christmas is greater than ever. We are very pleased to announce that this year we move to the newley revamped Dingwalls in Camden, now renamed The Camden Powerhaus.  All the fave acts will be joining Lenny as well as many special guests and a star turn or two. Expect a show never to be forgotten. For tickets please click the link :

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Beige Waits For All - World Premiere


Thursday 4th November 2021

Crazy Coqs, Brasserie Zédel


After paying homage to Anthony Newley and Neil Diamond the be-wigged legend tackles the utterly unique stylings of songwriter/performer Tom Waits. In the past few years Lenny has grown to love Tom’s musical tales of the seedier side of life and all its darker and flawed inhabitants. Backed by his world-class quartet, under the musical direction of outstanding blues guitarist Todd Sharpville, Lenny will interpret classics from the Waits cannon including, Tom Traubert’s Blues, Blue Valentine, In The Neighbourhood, Heart of Saturday Night, Burma Shave and more.



Tickets are £25

Showtime is 7pm

To Book please click the link : 


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The Voices Project
A 14 Track Album

Voice Project Artwork 2.jpg

Over the past year I have been fiddling about with some delicious voices, some more well known than others. That fiddling about has turned into an album's worth of tracks called The Voices Project.

This is a long player of 14 tracks composed and produced by myself inspired by the voices I have sampled. These range from interviews with Tom Baker, Richard Burton, Eartha Kitt and David Coverdale to documentaries like I'm Your Number One Fan, and movies featuring Ben Kingsley, Bob Hoskins and Viggo Mortenson. They are all distinctive voices that have inspired very different compositions. I've never released anything like this before but so far the reaction has been really positive. 

You can listen for free and also buy and download the album at Bandcamp. Please click the button below.


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After Lenny began his Twitch.TV journey in November 2020 hoisting shows, quizzes and allowing the likes of Queenie, Lyn and The Mayor to sit in for him, Steve decided to start streaming as himself.

The shows have become a very warm platform for the community of viewers (the Furious - The Furst & The Furious - geddit?!?) to share clips and videos. Through the Discord channel people leave their suggestions for the regular items; The Furst Fantasy Festival, The Museum of Detritus, Curiosity Corner.

The shows are most days of the week - evenings and sometimes lunchtimes too. 

Come and have a visit :

Lenny Beige YouTube Channel

Since the Lockdown began, at the end of March, Lenny Beige has been very busy presenting twice weekly shows which started life as a mixture of songs, gags and shout-outs to the viewers. By week 5 it was decided to make the Tuesday shows an interview-based format with a few songs, with the Friday night shows continuing as they had before. They started life being filmed on the phone streaming to Facebook Live and Instagram (when technology would allow) but we upgraded to a Mevo camera which is a dedicated streaming camera that acts like a TV gallery where you can cut from a wide to a close up shot and pan across the frame too. The Beige Family very kindly contributed their own money to buy this piece of kit to increase their viewing pleasure

The end result is a new YouTube Channel with content from the past 5 weeks' shows with more vintage footage being added too. We shall be changing the shows we do in the future, but, rest assured, we shall be updating and enlarging the Beige body of work. 

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