Steve has been presenting on Soho Radio since its birth in the Summer of 2013. He began by co presenting a show called The Green Room as Lenny Beige with The Soho Hobo aka Tim Arnold.

He then moved on to present as The Mayor of Kentish Town in 2014/15 and since 2016 he has been back presenting as Lenny Beige with DJ and curator Martin Green. Their monthly themed show is called The Beige Green Room and features a name guest and some of the rarest music you will ever hear. 

Below is a selection of shows going back to the time when he first began on the station.

XMAS SHOW w Johnny Trunk
Best Buys of '17 w Paul Putner
London Sountrack 1 w Eve Ferrett
London Sountrack 2 w David Arnold
60s vocal pop w David McAlmont
Soft phsyche pop w Corinne Drewery
Hooray for Bollywood w Bishi
Erotica Rocks with Johnny Woo Oct 17
Horror with Andy Nyman
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